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Quarantine Has Created the Next “Gordon Ramsey”

I found myself bored to the point where I decided to look up “how to milk almonds?” To my surprise, the recipes presented were rather easy to follow; suspiciously easy. I have saved you the burden of attempting to recreate it yourself and executed it myself! For this article, I will be referring to Minimalist Baker’s recipe. I will be reviewing each step and sharing my honest opinion.

1. Soak the Almonds

I soaked my non-roasted, unsalted, almonds from Costco in water for around five hours. I also wanted to note that I rinsed the almonds prior to that as I am paranoid they are dirty despite the sealed package. I read that the soaking of almonds makes the later process of blending to be far easier (which is very true).

2. Add Ingredients and Blend
Photo By: Chuttersnap on Unsplash

I decided to add a bit of vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and a spoon of sugar to the water already emerging from the almonds. I then proceeded to blend after the five hours of soakage. I saw there were small oil bubbles arising from the water, which was not noted by others! Regardless, it blended and came out to be a liquid, milky consistency. 

3. Strain and Refrigerate

I then used cotton fabric to strain out all almond bits that were not properly processed. It is important to note that you may need to do this step a couple of times, at least I had to. I let the fresh almond milk sit in my fridge for another 30 minutes as I wanted it cold. Finally, I got to try a sip.

The Verdict
Original photo by: Angela Saha

It was alright, a 6/10. If you actively drink whole milk, it will not be as filling as it does not contain the fat that comes with cow milk, however, it definitely has a nutty flavor. There was a false advertisement in my opinion regarding its “creaminess” as it was not creamy at all. Overall though, it can definitely be used to make coffee or other drinks.

This was a fun DIY project but I think I will continue to purchase my milk from grocery stores!

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