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Shop at Shein if you really want to…I guess

Shein is one of the fastest growing online shopping sites that was founded in  2008. Due to its cheap productions, many became fans of the website, despite the quality of products not being the best.  

Recently due to the social media platform, TikTok, younger generations have been able to inspire and proliferate their opinions on clothing and style in massive waves. Finding dupes for the latest boutique and collector’s pieces became the mission of Tiktokers and the task of creation for Shein. 

Individuals may be wondering how does Shein exactly keep their prices so attractive to the public, the answer is sweatshops. Sweatshop usage has allowed the continuation of fast production at prices consumers enjoy. This is the reason many reconsider their purchase as the expense may not be worth the unethical conditions for workers. 

Now, it is time to evaluate the popup shop Shein held in the midst of a pandemic in the heart of Southern California, The Americana. Despite COVID cases increasing and individuals passing away every 20 minutes in Los Angeles, customers were lined up for this special popup. 

Those who happened to attend recorded and actually reported how poorly it was organized. From this TikTok, we see how busy the lines were and the store itself ran out of inventory within a couple of hours, and to top it all off, the sizes were limited and exclusive. I will state that typically global sizes, specifically East Asian, are smaller in comparison to American sizes, however, as this was a market specifically for an American location, the sizes should have been arranged better.

Have fun shopping, as I am sure some of you take retail therapy very religiously but also recognize the possible cons of your actions.