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ShopMissA: Review

With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been trying to think of cute but small gifts for all of my friends. I tend to do little festival baskets filled with items but this year, due to COVID-19, I don’t seem to have the extra money for what I usually do. That’s not going to stop me from doing my best to make the holidays joyous and filled with gifts, especially when my love language is gift-giving! Considering the fact that I have spent the last few years working every holiday because my family moved across the country to Kentucky, I take extra pride in seeing the faces of my favorite people when I give them gifts.

I like to give all of my friends a little something which can be expensive in itself, depending on the number of people I plan to give a gift to. This year, I’m planning on six little gift items!

I found an online shop, Shop Miss A, for makeup and skincare that boasts about being as cheap as $1 so, of course, I had to check it out. Specifically, with skincare things, especially cheap ones, I like to make sure that it’s worth buying for others. I’d like to preface the individual reviews with the fact that everything I bought smelled so delicious and inviting! That’s one of the biggest things I look for in skincare products because if it smells bad, I won’t use it. I’d also like to preface that a lot of these items I don’t normally use, and only bought it to try out because it was only a few dollars.

Image / Product via Miss A

The first thing I knew I had to buy was the A+ Setting Spray because I use a setting powder that locks in my foundation and works well with my skin. The setting spray worked really well in addition to the powder I use, my makeup stayed on the whole day. I once slept in my makeup and it barely changed the look after a full day of use plus sleep.

Along with the setting spray, I also got the AOA Perfect Filter Face Primer. It didn’t make my face feel oily or greasy and went on super well. Paired with the setting spray alone, my makeup stayed on for most events but my face would look a little oily by the end if I didn’t initially use a setting powder like I usually do.

Next, I purchased a Large Fan Brush and the Sculpting Brush Duo which I used for contouring and highlighting. These were the only brushes I purchased, and after heavy usage and cleaning once or twice a week, the bristles still seem firmly intact. The brushes are soft and didn’t leave streak marks like I have found other brushes to do.

Image / Product via Miss A

The AOA Studio Eyelashes – Luella 6-Pack was a really lovely beginner lashes pack. It took me two tries to put the lashes on – given that I’ve never put lashes on before, I’d say that’s a win – and the only reason I had to do it twice was that I wasn’t paying attention and put them on the wrong eyelids. Paired with the  A+ Super Lash Glue, the lashes stayed on for 24+ hours so I didn’t have to worry about them falling off or needing to be readjusted! It made the first few times really easy. I also bought the AOA Eyelash Applicator, but it was easier for me to put the lashes on with my hands. My roommate took it though and she loves it!

Last but not least, I bought the AOA Sugar Lips Scrub – Watermelon, and my dry lips have never felt so smooth or hydrated! I use this about once a week or once every two weeks depending on the weather. A little goes a really long way so only a drop is needed.

So far, all of the products I have purchased have not only enticed me with their fruity smells but they also work really well for their cheap prices! I definitely bought a whole cart full of items as “stocking stuffers” for my friends which I think they’ll like and find a great use for.

11/10 for me!